Our team is ready not only to support projects of our own development, but also to accompany ready-made solutions of the customer 24/7.

When your product has passed all the stages of development and is now available on the Internet. Congratulations, this means you have taken the first step towards a successful business. You ask, “Aren’t we done? What else do I need? »The point is that a finished website does not mean that the process is complete. Web development, like any other field, is dynamically developing today. In order for your site to meet all modern standards and constantly bring you potential customers and sellers, it must be maintained and improved daily. Technical support is an important stage in the development process, which lasts as long as the site exists.

What happens at this stage?

  • maintaining the performance of the resource and ensuring its smooth operation;
  • keeping your site up to date;
  • elimination of problems and prevention of hacking;
  • professional advice at any time.

Thus, if you have any questions about the performance of your site, you can always reach out to people who will professionally solve the problem. For example, your hosting can no longer handle the number of products and visitors on the site, and you decide to change the provider. If you have tech support, you don’t need to worry about getting help migrating your resource to a new web host.

Another problem that the maintenance solves is updating the site. The secretary responsible for the site cannot always do this. Yes, he will make sure that the site is always up to date, but this does not guarantee that the resource will not become outdated from a technical point of view. Sooner or later, you will still have to turn to technicians to bring it back to life. But this time, you may need a lot more resources to do this. If you update your site in a timely manner, it will serve you for many years.

Our company has experience in implementing web projects from scratch, as well as its individual stages. We have many clients with whom we have been working for a long time. Some of them come with us, starting with the development of the concept of the site and its first layouts. And some of them have entered the stage of promotion and support. Many years of experience allows us to serve projects of any complexity and guarantee the quality of the services provided. And to our customers who ordered a website from scratch, we give a month of free maintenance.

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