Our experts will help you realize your business tasks in the form of a web application. The site is not always the ideal solution.

Design and build modern applications with a compelling user interface and scalable server architecture. We develop corporate CRM and ERP, as well as interesting client applications. We develop web apps and mobile apps for all platforms, depending on your needs:

NuMax IT team is an expert in mobile development. Our engineers excel in the best programming languages ​​and mobile frameworks for building native iOS, Android and Windows apps and hybrid solutions. We also provide hybrid mobile development services that allow you to share code between platforms and at the same time provide a better user experience.

We will make sure that your application runs smoothly on any screen size and gives maximum pleasure to users using any smartphone.

All web apps and mobile apps we design and develop have:

Scalability and security

Your mobile app should be ready for a successful scenario. When users and paying customers come in, you need to be able to scale without any security concerns. Users will provide valuable feedback, so you need to be able to easily make changes.

Well thought out interfaces

Your app users know the best user interfaces built by Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. Your product cannot stand out. That’s why you need to bring in experienced designers who will guarantee world-class solutions and a look that reflects your brand.

Diverse technology stack

At NuMax IT, we are passionate about the opportunities that new software development technologies are opening up to. We have our favorite languages ​​and frameworks, but we know that every use case is different. We will select the best technology stack for your product.

Native and hybrid approach

For each mobile and web app, you need to decide whether you want to create a separate native app for iOS, Android and other platforms for better UX, or use a hybrid approach that saves time and money. We will help you make the right choice.

Responsive interface

Your app should provide a great user experience on any device, regardless of screen size or browser type. This is why you need a fully responsive interface from the earliest stage of product development.

Optimized backend

Every application requires a good foundation — a server architecture. The Order Group team has worked on many bespoke projects for the most demanding industries — infrastructure, aviation, finance — and we deliver the highest quality backend.

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